The Prime of Life Simone de Beauvoir The second volume in Simone de Beauvoirs autobiography. In it... More
American Jennie: The Remarkable Life of Lady Randolph Churchill Anne Sebba Brooklyn-born Jennie Jerome married into the British aristocracy in 1874,... More
Truly Wilde: The Unsettling Story Of Dolly Wilde, Oscars Unusual Niece Joan Schenkar A born writer who never completed the creative life promised... More
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The Women of Windsor: Their Power, Privilege, and Passions Catherine Whitney Who are the women of Windsor? We know them as... More
Thank You and Youre Welcome Kanye West Kanye West teams up with co-author J. Sakiya Sandifer to... More
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Moving Among Strangers: Randolph Stow and My Family Gabrielle Carey As her mother Joan lies dying, Gabrielle Carey writes a... More
A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison (Picture Book Biography)(Picture Book Biography) David A. Adler His inventions included the phonograph, light bulb, and movie camera.Book... More
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