The Red Stones of Ravengate Lee Karr Meredith Miller was overwhelmed when she was suddenly appointed headmistress... More
Dark Interval Joan Aiken NIGHTMAREN OF MADNESSWhen Caroline awakened, she didnt know where she... More
Chateau of Wolves Caroline Farr A Hint of Terror... was not enough to keep lovely,... More
The Secret of the Vineyard Monica Heath Amnesia stole her past,a stranger claimed her future....and fear was... More
Trelawny Isabelle Holland More
Moura(Moura 1) Virginia Coffman A Superbly maintained suspense story in the Rebecca tradition.A Brooding... More
The Shuttered Room Julia Withers She was beautiful, young and damned by the echoes of... More
The Silence of Herondale Joan Aiken Deborah Lindsay sought peace and security when she accepted the... More
Dark Wood Mona Farnsworth Gothic Romance More
The House of Landsdown Caroline Farr DEMON OF DARKNESSHe had the face of Lucifer and a... More
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