Rival to the Queen Carolly Erickson From the New York Times bestselling author of The Last... More
The House on Hound Hill Maggie Prince Something is not right in Emily�s new house in the... More
Sutton Place(Sutton Place 1) Dinah Lampitt The year is 1051.The beautiful and angry Queen Edith curses... More
Brief Candle Kate Pennington Winter is harsh for young Emily Bronte, her sisters Charlotte... More
La double disparition(Enola Holmes 1) Nancy Springer Sil est une chose que jaimerais savoir, cest pourquoi ma... More
The Long Song Andrea Levy Told in the irresistibly willful and intimate voice of Miss... More
And One for All Theresa Nelson Years ago Geraldine, her older brother, Wing, and his best... More
Love, Remember Me Jessie Ford Wherever the beautiful Louisa Boyd traveled, across the blue, ice... More
Douglass Women Jewell Parker Rhodes Hailed as a masterpiece of historical fiction, this classic by... More
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