The Inheritance(White Pine Chronicles 2) Hilda Stahl A moving inter-generational family saga, The White Pines Chronicles challenges... More
Escape to West Berlin Maurine F. Dahlberg The advent of the WallHeidis thirteenth birthday is coming up,... More
Dokter Zjivago Boris Pasternak In het eerste kwart van de twintigste eeuw komt Rusland... More
The Secret Bride(In The Court of Henry VIII 1) Diane Haeger For fans of The Tudors comes a captivating drama about... More
Lavender Lady Carola Dunn Hester Godrics grandfather was in trade, but her stepmother had... More
Rivals of the Tudor Court(Tudor Court 2) D.L. Bogdan As Queen Catherines maid and daughter of the Duke of... More
The Raiders Bride(Raiders 1) Kimberly Cates He looked like the devils own angel...incorrigible, outrageous, and promising... More
Young PRB: A Novel of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Elisabeth Lee William Holman Hunt wants his own revolution. In the year... More
North to Freedom Anne Holm North to Freedom by Anne Holm is about a child,... More
The Actress and the Rake Carola Dunn Sir Barnabas�s Will requires granddaughter Nerissa Wingate and godson Miles... More
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