Girl Power: Young Women Speak Out! Hillary Carlip Carlip illuminates the worries, hopes, dreams and experiences of girls... More
The Poet Resigns: Poetry in a Difficult World (Akron Series in Contemporary Poetics) Robert Archambeau The essays of The Poet Resigns: Poetry in a Difficult... More
Norrland Po Tidholm Det var istid, det fanns stenaldersbyar, naturen ar vacker. Valkommen... More
The Peoples Almanac Presents the Book of Lists: The 90s Edition David Wallechinsky Revised for the 1990s, this popular reference source includes information... More
Healing Neen: One Womans Path to Salvation from Trauma and Addiction Tonier Cain Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve... -... More
Pretty Honest Sali Hughes A witty, wise and truthful beauty handbook for real women... More
Words of Wisdom: More Good Advice William Safire Here are more than 2,500 quotations of inimitable advice for... More
A Gift From Bob(Bob The Cat 3) James Bowen Street Cat Bob and James, stars of bestselling A Street... More
To The Poles Without A Beard Catharine Hartley The story of an ordinary thirty-something city girl who became... More
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