Young Adult
Premiere(On the Runway 1) Melody Carlson A recipe for success or a design for disaster?Although they�re... More
Faith Wish James W. Bennett Eighteen-year-old Anne-Marie is drawn into a fanatical cult of born-again... More
The Princess Diaries Collection(The Princess Diaries 1-8) Meg Cabot The set of books is noted for containing many popular... More
Lydia: The Wild Girl of Pride & Prejudice Natasha Farrant A spirited, witty and fresh reimagining of Jane Austens Pride... More
Pretty Girl J.C. Burke If you liked Beautiful Malice or Mice youll be on... More
Camp Elaine Wolf Every secret has a price.For most girls, sleepaway camp is... More
Witch Book(Orgarlan Saga 2) Linda Nelson A couple of lesser demons play a game of Shell... More
The Juliet Club Suzanne Harper Kate Sanderson has been burned by love. From now on,... More
Ask Me No Questions Marina Budhos You forget. You forget you dont really exist here, that... More
Je MAppelle Lumikki - Tome 1 - Rouge Comme Le Sang: Rouge Comme Le Sang(Lumikki Andersson 1) Salla Simukka Il etait une fois une fille qui a du apprendre... More
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